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Basic Skills Training

ActivInspire Core Skills Training

ActivInspire Core Skills training session will cover the basic skills to create an ActivFlipcharts lessons in ActivInspire.

Below schedule are the mean skills covered in the training session:

Course Output

Educational overview about ActivClassroom and how to enrich the teaching and learning process

Main toolbar and the pen, highlight and eraser tools

New pages setup , controlling and changing the backgrounds

Undo/Redo tools, Save/Save as the flipchart, open flipchart and rest page

Resource browsers and how to insert pictures and backgrounds

Objects tool menu: resize , rotate, duplicate, transparency, bring forward/send backward

Ways to erase various objectives

Text tools and hand writing recognition

Shape tool and connector tool

Other main tools: Revealer, spotlight, math tools and the camera

Insert multimedia

Insert pictures and text from the internet explorer

Desktop tools and desktop annotations

Note browser and the importance of using it

Object browser and the use of it

Educational examples for the use of the layers and the object browser

Magic ink tool and examples

Object lock/unlock and the technical and education importance of it

Flipchart save, open , print and save as pdf file

Overview on promethean planet, and the importance of using the website

Who to upload/download the lessons in the website

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