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Mobile Augmented Reality
Mobile Augmented Reality




BiXma Is a business based on augmented reality technology. For two years, a team of exceptional awards' winning developers worked on structuring the company’s own augmented reality platform to stay independent of any third party while engineering BiXma products.

BiXma is a business based on technology, not a technology company doing business. Difference is, we do not develop our platform, then try to figure how we can engineer products to sell in the market. Instead, we scout market needs relevant to Augmented Reality, and develop our platform in the direction that serve such needs to perfection. Thus, BiXma have clear ideas about how to engineer products on its powerful technology, products that can succeed in the market. 

We, at BiXma, are more focused on integrating Augmented Reality as an ingredient in products that trigger users’ needs on multiple levels rather than pushing the technology as a sole factor reshaping a product or service. It is the spice that bring unique quality to the main dish, not the dish all together – no one like to have a plate of black pepper for lunch no matter how much you like black pepper. 

Augmented reality is our black Pepper that spices our products and solutions to give it an added value. And by doing so, we create exceptional products that come close to the doormat needs of the market.

Augmented Reality is a relatively new technology. It is our responsibility to walk potential clients through the best methods to integrate augmented reality in their business to have an added value. We have the means to catch potential clients’ attention by shedding a light on opportunities our technology can provide to their business to generate more revenue for them, or/and increase their own customers’ satisfaction and products/services experience.

We establish market focus by having partners and resellers in different markets (countries/regions) to aid us localizing and customizing our products and services, provide quality customer support and aftersales services.

We aim to achieve fast growth for every product we develop and to increase awareness toward such products in different markets and in parallel. Through local partners. Such approach stamp our positioning in Augmented reality business exponentially.

We want to be the first business that crosses the minds of the mass when they mention augmented reality as an applied technology, beyond R&D and being "a cool thing". it is the real deal. 

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