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Tablet To Table
Tablet To Table

Tablet to Table is a unique solution to mange, mentor and monitor workgroups inside classroom.

it consists of a digital display multimedia table and three main mobile applications:

Teacher App

Group Leader App

Student APP

Tablet To Table is a 1stClassroom TM registered invention by Rabih Baalbaki & Najoua Zhar and soul distributor is GET offshore Lebanon.

We supplied more the 1000 school and the main concern of schools and teachers to find a solution that easily manage classroom groups as collaboration of the main 4Cs for the 21st century learning.

we invent a Tablet to Table and supplied the teachers with a full easy control mobile apps

1-Teacher App used by teacher to controls, mentor and monitor up to 8 Groups and assigns activities

2-Leader App used by one selected student leader for the group where his tablet is connected to the digital table display and by WIFI to his group mates to collect and lead group content for the activity assigned by teacher

3-Students App used by students within the group to create, collaborate, and critically think and finally Connect and share to the leader APP by one drag and drop swap

Ten Top Reasons to use TABLET TO TABLE Technology:

1- Students control the content at centralized display by their own Tablets .

2- Students avoid disease exchange due touching same table surface.

3- Students can charge their Tablets directly from the centralized Table.

4- Students can work even individually and collaborators.

5- Wi-Fi wireless connection can work offline and online through the built-in router inside the centralized table

6- Teacher will easily control, monitor and mentor the groups as dealing with maximum 6 leaders at each group.

7- Students can swap created content to right and left sides classmates to collaborate on content also to the leader centralized digital display table

8- No need for a built in centralized computer as the assigned leader of the group just connect his tablet through HDMI cable to the centralized digital display.

9- All groups are connected wirelessly to the teacher's application PC in the same time teacher's PC is connected to the Projector or interactive board to mentor and monitor workgroups.

10- Students can record videos, take snapshots of tangible works or labs activities and share it with the students, leaders and teacher pcs.


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